Personal branding Photography,Bristol, Portishead

  • Do you own a business?

  • Do you want strong, on-brand photos that showcase you and your products?

  • And do you want to communicate visually to your buyers?


This is where I come in.

How does Personal Branding Photography work?


Drop me a line to enquire about personal branding photography. We’ll arrange a video consultation to chat about your requirements.


It is hugely important to me and to outcome of the session that we have an in depth understanding of what you need, that is where Step two comes in.


I have a questionnaire that I ask to be completed that gives a good grounding for us to start our collaboration on your collection of images. I do also ask for any example of images you have seen that resonate with your style or message. We’ll share a Pinterest Board to collaborate on styling ideas. This helps me to get a feel for what you like.


After I have reviewed all the information for the session we have a video call to finalise the details.


We have the the session.


When ready, the photos are uploaded to a private online gallery. You can download & use them immediately. They are supplied in high-resolution for print use & low-resolution for web use. Turnaround time is usually seven days from the date of the shoot.

  • Pre-shoot consultation & sharing of mood or Pinterest boards.

  • Styling.

  • The shoot.

  • One set of hi-resolution digital images suitable for print.

  • One set of low-resolution digital images suitable for web use.

  • Additional sets of resized images.

  • Text & graphical overlays with product or company names/logos.

  • Addition of other people/staff

  • Use of more then 1 location


Are you a brand new business and need marketing images? To help you start, I offer a new business discount. Please contact me to find out more.

COVID-19: June 2021 UPDATE

I follow all the industry and government guidance with regards to my sessions. I will keep a distance where ever possible and I wear a mask throughout.


What is the investment?

I get it, as a small business, costs matter. My quotes are on a shoot by shoot basis because I know that one size does not always fit all. I offer a personalised service to every client creating the photos YOU need to sell YOUR products. Your products are unique to you & so your quote is unique to you. Not all products fit into the same standard photography package.


Before any decisions are made, we have a chat, usually over video. During this conversation, you can tell me all about your brand & your products. When I understand a little more about your business, what it is you sell, who you sell to & how you sell, I can then give you a full – no-obligation – quote & breakdown of costs.


You can then decide whether you want to proceed exactly as quoted or whether you need to tweak your requirements slightly to adjust costs.

Pricing depends on several things; the number of products, the number of different backgrounds, settings & styles you require & whether you need any specific backgrounds or props sourcing.


I know, as a small business, you need to budget & you might not want to immediately spend an hour on a call with me to get a price. To give you a ballpark figure please see the packages below.

  Fern £250

  • 2 hour session

  • 1 location

  • 15 digital images in high resolution

Lilly £475

  • 3 hour session

  • 2 locations

  • 25 digital pictures in high resolution

Frequently asked questions

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Find your voice in the crowd, in every step that you take

The jorney can take you far, don't give up when you break

Find your Voice, make it strong, sing it out through the rain

You can never go wrong with what makes your heart play


Million Voices rising up to the sky

Filing the space between you and I

Music by your side, you're never alone

With music you will always belong



Million Voices rising up to the sky

Filing the space between you and I

Music by your side, you're never alone

With music you will always belong

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